Company Profile

GRECA International Transports was formed in 1951, has been operating for two generations under the same name and ownership (more...)


  • Import direct Airfreight shipments services
  • Import consolidation shipments services
  • Customs clearance formalities
  • Banks' and Ministries' formalities
  • Door to door service and other express services




Since 1951

Export Air Cargo (Airfreight)

  • Single direct Airfreight shipments
  • Consolidation Airfreight shipments
  • COD or CAD shipments


Sea Freight

  • Containers and single shipments
  • RO-RO ferry services
  • All other Sea Freight services


Road Freight

  • Road Freight service
  • Single or Consolidated shipments for Export or Import


Special COURIER Service

  • Dedicated special courier services...

Special Services

  • Special department for temporary Import and Re-export for Film Productions, Concerts and Conferences
  • ATA Carnets issuing
  • Special department for Import / Export on TV programs
  • Passenger Customs clearance services
  • All Bank and Ministry special formalities
  • Insurance
  • Storage facilities
  • Packing and crating
  • Dangerous Goods (DG) shipments
  • Humanitarian Aid shipments